First Post

I always feel like the beginning of an adventure is the most exhilarating and also the most difficult. Starting a blog seems like something very remarkable (maybe I’m taking this too seriously), but choosing a starting place feels like a challenge. I am a complex person. I have a dynamic personality. How do I begin to show that? I hope that the correct way for me to start this project is to explain why I chose to “publish” my personal life.

I am a vegetarian and recently I discovered a wealth of information on Matt’s blog . Matt is also a vegetarian and he is an amazing runner. Many of my friends/family members have given me some discouraging advice pertaining to my diet. They¬†had me really questioning whether I should consider adding meat back to my diet for weight-loss¬†purposes. Nomeathathlete gave me the support that I needed to make a personal decision, which was (of course) to continue abstaining from animal products.

I think that what sets me apart is that I am a normal woman who has been a vegetarian consistently for a year and a half (off and on before that), and I am now looking to lose weight and get in shape while refusing to include animal products in my diet. Many of the people on Matt’s blog lost weight when they eliminated meat (I did not see any change). I will not be making the leap from omnivore to herbivore, so I will not be dealing with those variables.

I want for this blog to be my opportunity to make a stand for animal rights, and also to chart my journey through some drastic life changes.


About advocateforavocados

I am an undergrad student in love with all things vegan/vegetarian. I enjoy running, swimming, SCUBA diving, hiking, cooking, and yoga.
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