A “Bad” Work Out

You know those days where you finish your work out and feel completely pumped? Everything felt great and came surprisingly easy? You met or exceeded all of your expectations and it was not nearly as difficult as you had anticipated? Yeah I know those days too. They are great huh!

 Well today was absolutely not one of them. I did the 5K distance (3.1 miles) on the treadmill at the gym. I walked for 3 min at a 3 mph pace and then ran for 2 minutes at a 5mph pace. It felt so hard tonight. I know that all of you real runners are out there scoffing and rolling your eyes right now (hopefully not too long from now I will look back and roll my eyes too), but I’m sure you have also been frustrated with a similar work out experience at some point (right?). I did this work out a few days ago, and it took me a little longer, (I started at a slower pace, then decided to pick it up) but it was so much easier then. It took me 48 minutes tonight. I think that this is a good place to be right now. Of course I want to cut off some time. My goal is to run the whole race.

 The good thing about today’s “bad workout” was that even though it felt harder I still finished. I stuck with my plan and kept with it the entire time! That is an accomplishment right?!? If I can pick a goal and stay with it on an off day, then I know I can definitely do it on a good day. The fact that I was able to be focused on my goals means that I am on track. (It also means that I need to do some tweaking to my diet).


About advocateforavocados

I am an undergrad student in love with all things vegan/vegetarian. I enjoy running, swimming, SCUBA diving, hiking, cooking, and yoga.
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