My Body


I think that I have been procrastinating on writing another post; because, I do not have the results that I have been hoping for. Deep. Breath. Here it goes. I have not lost any weight. None. Zero. I have been completely vegan, and worked out like a crazy person, and the scale has stayed put.  

BUT just because I have not had the results I wanted or expected does not mean that I have not had some results. I am definitely looking more toned. That sounds cliché, but I swear it is the honest to goodness truth. My calves have not looked this awesome in years. My stomach is much flatter and my arms are looking thinner and more muscular. Honestly, I am thrilled.  

I think that my lack of weight loss is a direct result of eating too many calories. I really do not want to write down everything I eat, and calculate exactly how many calories I am eating throughout the day. I think that this method is obsessive an unnatural. Right now my game plan is to eat more raw fruits and vegetables. No one got fat eating fruit and veggies. Also I just need to eat more consciously and continue doing what I’m doing.  

I do feel a little frustrated, but I am still hopeful. 🙂


About advocateforavocados

I am an undergrad student in love with all things vegan/vegetarian. I enjoy running, swimming, SCUBA diving, hiking, cooking, and yoga.
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