15 Reasons Why I love being Vegetarian

1. I have discovered that I love many vegetables I had never tried before (like eggplant).

2. I have a greater appreciation for other cultures.

3. When I go out-of-town I eat at new and interesting restaurants instead of franchises. (I look up vegan places a head of time).

4. When I watch movies with an environmental agenda (like Avatar) I feel good about myself knowing that I am helping the environment every day.

5. I rarely get sick to my stomach (this is big for me).

6. It regularly leads to interesting conversations with people.

7. I always have an easy out when offered sketchy food.

8. I am able to look my dog in the eye and not feel guilty because I am not eating animals with the same ability to love as she has.

9. I realized how much a LOVE hot tea.

10. I feel more compassionate toward other people because of the compassion I have found for animals.

11. I feel a deeper connection to all animals.

12. Two Words: ALMOND MILK.

13.  Gaining control over my diet makes me feel in control of other aspects of my life too.

14. Pooping (especially when vegan) happens regularly, with minimal effort, and feels amazing.

15. I have the pleasure of cooking way more often than most college students, and feed myself healthy satisfying meals.


About advocateforavocados

I am an undergrad student in love with all things vegan/vegetarian. I enjoy running, swimming, SCUBA diving, hiking, cooking, and yoga.
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